Fast Paced Shooter

Fast movement and decision-making bring Farcana closer to old-school shooters. Weapons do the talking, while tactical and defensive abilities decide the match's outcome.

Characters + Abilities + Role System

Each Star will offer a fresh gameplay experience with its distinct Axelar-powered abilities, histories, and roles. We are revisiting the traditional role-playing system to create a more strategic and collaborative team dynamic.


A methodical approach to shooting impact settings ensures that each gun feels distinct. The alternative fire mode adds depth to the gameplay, while the combination of the Stars and weapons unlock a new layer of tactical combat.

Competitive Play

We aspire to deliver a level of quality and precision that would match the expectations of our most competitive players. Our UI efforts are aimed at making the viewership experience comfortable and transparent.

Game Modes

We plan to add 5 new game modes by the end of 2024!


We develop a large-scale project captivating millions of players worldwide through its distinctive gameplay and setting. Every detail, from character narratives to gameplay dynamics, contributes to an immersive experience. Our goal is to continually innovate, ensuring that every player finds something that resonates with them.


Farcana aims to provide varied gameplay experiences while constructing a comprehensive in-game lore. Through consistent narratives and interconnected stories, we want to create a journey of discovery and understanding for players.

For us, creating games is not just a job. It's a way of life. We're creating an experience that we ourselves would love to play. This passion for gaming drives us to create games that we believe gamers will truly enjoy.

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