Competitive System

Players can participate in either a league or a tournament.

League System

A league is a time-limited competitive player rating system where a player's rating is influenced by the number and quality of matches played. Participation in leagues can be either free or paid, which affects the duration of the league and the value of the prizes.

The league system offers two types of leagues:

1. Adventure league: A league that all players participate in, with a 3-month duration and a $12,000 prize pool.

2. PRO league: A paid league that requires players to pay a fee to participate, which typically offers a higher prize pool and more competitive competition. The PRO League has a $20 entry fee, a 1-month duration, and a 35% prize pool.

Tournament System

A Championship League is a short competition between teams of players, with the winners being awarded. Championships are held regularly and can last from a few hours to many days. Participation in all championships is paid, but the cost varies depending on the size of the prize pool.

The tournament system has the following components:

  • Buy-in: $1-$20

  • Duration of the championship: 1-3 days

  • Championship prize pool (% of revenue): 40%

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