Token Overview

$FAR is the token of the Farcana game economy ecosystem. It complies with the Polygon standard, which has a fixed total supply of 5,000,000,000 $FAR tokens.

Token Release

AllocationCliffVesting PeriodVesting typeTokens unlocked monthly


6 months

18 months


69,444,444 FAR

Ecosystem Fund

0 months

36 months


68,368,056 FAR


9 months

18 months


16,666,667 FAR


9 months

18 months


38,888,889 FAR

Farcana's tokenomics revolutionizes gaming by creating a sustainable in-game economy that is connected to player engagement.

Key features include:

Strategic $FAR Token Use

Designed in collaboration with experts, the game's economy offers diverse opportunities for players to enhance their journey using $FAR tokens. Sustainability is prioritized, emphasizing play-to-own dynamics and teamwork.

Innovative Staking System

Unlike traditional approaches, Farcana's staking system repurchases tokens and redistributes them, ensuring sustainable staking rewards for long-term value accumulation (eligibility details coming soon).

$FAR Tokens in NFT Land System

$FAR token ownership is pivotal in Farcana's NFT land system, catering to retail and business audiences. The game economy involves streamers, guilds, and businesses, fostering a symbiotic relationship for shared prosperity.

Crafting System's Potential

Spending $FAR tokens unlocks Farcana's crafting system, allowing gamers to create unique NFTs for in-game use or marketplace sales. This incentivizes participation in micro-economic activities, fostering a vibrant ecosystem of valuable assets.

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