Our goal is to create an immersive gaming experience by fusing the best elements of the shooter games industry with our unique selling points. In our gameplay development, we rely on the following criteria:

  1. Personality: Each Star brings a unique gameplay experience, offering fresh feelings and limitless possibilities. The abilities of each Star are intricately tied to their narrative and visuals. Furthermore, every Star is a main hero.

  2. High-quality gunplay: We pay a lot of attention to the shooting impact settings (recoil, camera shake, VFX, animations, UI, etc.). Each weapon in the game should give the player the feel of the weapon type.

  3. Unique Gunplay: We are developing weapon types and alternate fire mode behavior that have never been seen before in a shooter.

  4. Weapon as a style: A Star's weapon is not just a choice between distance or rate of fire. It is a whole game strategy. Thus, each Star can be played in three scenarios and be effective in various team picks, game modes, and maps."

  5. Unique role-playing system: We are revisiting the classic role-playing system (dd-tank-hill) for a more tactical team experience.

  6. Defensive focus: We are revamping game mechanics to emphasize tactical and defensive abilities over damage-dealing ones, creating a pure eSports experience.

  7. Teamwork: Our game cannot be won alone, so we look to introduce a deep system of combinations of abilities and tactical interaction between roles.

  8. Movement: Farcana emphasizes constant movement and positional change, with covers playing a minor role.

  9. Esport: Our gameplay focuses on eSports, prioritizing both player and audience experience. We strive for games that are engaging and easy to follow for non-players.

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